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Breath in Paradise by Nisha Singhal

Breath in Paradise by Nisha Singhal


インドのヒマーチャルプラデーシュ州のサングラバレーを旅行中に、昼食の為に立ち寄った、道端の小さなレストランのオーナーが近くの牧草地について教えてくれました。 松で覆われたとても美しい山々、緑の草を刈る牛、淡水を流れる小川を流れる水は冷たく、小さな滝はまるで牛乳が流れているように見えます。 野生の花や松葉油の香り溢れる新鮮な空気。 まるでパラダイスで息をしている様な感じを受けました。


While traveling in Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh, India ,we stopped for lunch on the way there the owner of roadside small restaurant told us about the meadows near by ,he guided us there.....oh my god was so beautiful mountains,covered with pines, cows grassing green grass, crossing small streams flowing with fresh water , the cold water was very refreshing and tasted good, small waterfalls are seen, seems as if milk is flowing. Fresh air full of fragrance of wild flowers and pine oil. I felt the Breath in Paradise.
The colors used in painting  are of high quality so they do not fade and are water resistant.


●作品名:Breath in Paradise





●絵サイズ:24" x 18"(61x45.7cm)

●額外寸: 26"X20" (66 x 50.8 cm)



Free shipping for nation India, additional¥5,000 for out of country include Japan.


#landscape #mountains #streams #pine trees #meadows #drift wood #log in stream #wild flowers #pine forest #stones #dried tree #pine cones #bright day #sun on top

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