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凌霄花ノウゼンカズラ - 伊藤ジェームス

凌霄花ノウゼンカズラ - 伊藤ジェームス


Trumpet Vine -  Watercolor by James Ito



I painted the appearance of a beautiful cat grooming as a substitute for a person. Their entwined appearance is like a trumpet vine. I drew it with a unique expression like a cartoon like Ukiyo-e.







●絵サイズ:F4 (33.3x24.2㎝)




国外への送料は、額無しで¥6,000 別途決済頂きます。輸入税、消費税などの諸経費は購入者の負担となります。


Free shipping for nation Japan, additional ¥6,000 for out of country without frame.

All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.



  • 取り扱い上の注意


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