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バレンタインに想う - 清田晴美

バレンタインに想う - 清田晴美


Thinking about Valentine - oil painting by Harumi Kiyota




When I wanted to cherish the feelings of Valentine's Day, the expression of a big rose blooming at the Kamakura Museum of Literature came to my mind. The framed photo is an antique oval shape which  found in Chicago and I arranged painting to fit this shape.





●作家名:清田晴美 作家の詳細を見る





日本国内送料無料。諸外国への送料は額無しで¥3,000 別途お支払い頂きます。


Free shipping for nation Japan. All other country will be charge¥3,000 separatelly without frame. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.


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