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まどろみ - 吉田裕子

まどろみ - 吉田裕子




Dozing  watercolor by Yuko Yoshida

The model is my daughter's friend. She worked hard and portrayed her friends relax and dozing at a cat cafe on occasional holidays. I try to paint that gently wraps and heals a woman who is working hard.




●作家名:吉田裕子    作家の紹介を見る


●絵サイズ:F8号 (38X45.5 cm)

●額外寸:52.3 x 60.5 cm




Free shipping for nation Japan. No shipping to out of counery.


猫カフェ, 休日,  女性, まどろみ, 癒し, 水彩, 淡彩, 猫, Cat cafe, holiday, female, doze, healing, watercolor, pale, cat

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