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ひとり~No2  - 川井眞理子

ひとり~No2  - 川井眞理子


Alone No.2 -  Nihonga Japanese Paintinb by Mariko Kawai


顔彩で描いています 「見えるものも見えないものも、其処に命が在る」をテーマに描いた一つ。ひとりだけど、一人ではないということ・・・




I draw it with natural pigments. One of the themes is "There is life there, both visible and invisible." I'm alone, but I'm not alone ...
Alone eries
Feeling the breath of spring and the strength of life, I drew a single piece of stubbornness.






●画寸:M6  (41x24.2cm)




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Nihonga painting , watercolor painting,  mental landscape

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