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おにいにいのおくすり - 中谷真理子

おにいにいのおくすり - 中谷真理子


 Brother's Medicine -  Mixed Media by Mariko Nakatani







When her brother caught a cold, he received a pink sweet-smelling syrup medicine from the doctor. Their mom kept in the shelves because for children.   A little sister have drunk it all oneday that she was envious of the fact that only her brother was always given it, even though it couldn't be helped because it was a medicine. A work based on such an episode of small brother and sister.


Materials used: wood, cloth, handles, plastic bottles, acrylic on illustration boards, enamel, sequins, beads, glue, etc.






●絵サイズ: 41Hx64Wx8Dcm




日本国内送料無料。諸外国への送料は¥20,000 別途お支払い頂きます。


It is also possible to purchase the left and right separately, so please contact us in that case.

Free shipping for nation Japan. All other country will be charge¥20,000 separately. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.



ミクストメディア,現代アート,コラージュ,ミクストメディアアート,モダンアート,現代美術, Mixed media, contemporary art, collage, mixed media art, modern art, contemporary art, Mari Nakatani

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