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Manami Fuji

一般社団法人 西東京市文化芸術振興会会員

KS アーティストクラブ フレンズ会員


Artist / Designer / IT Developer


Pencil,Colored pencil,Oil,Water color,

Leather Craft

++++++++.  Artist Statement.  ++++++++








Around the time when I started painting, my mother in an elderly facility, completely had lost her energy to live.

I wanted her to regain it, so I painted two great strong powers. They are a white tiger which lives alone in the harsh wild, and the Super moon which has a miracle power. 


When I showed it to my mother, she smiled and said, "I'm afraid I'm going to be eaten! " She chuckled. 

I felt that was the good moment when the person who wanted to die, remembered her desire to live, no matter what it's maybe a short time. This picture became my first award-winning work in a public competition in 2018.


I printed this picture on the back of my business card. I hope this picture enpowers who were weakened their mind, and fills up them the powers to live.


Even if a person is bedridden, a picture hanging on the wall can move his or her heart. I think painting has that kind of potential. That's why I draw pictures. I want to deliver empathy, emotion, good stimulation, and healing to someone's heart by painting pictures. And besides, I also want to feel real existence, even though the impossible reality, or 3d space, into 2d flat surface.

I want to create those pictures.

++++++++.  Biography. ++++++++



2007年にAll Home Page株式会社を起業し、デザインをプログラミングで実装するウェブサイト構築会社を経営しています。






From high school age, I was in charge of art-related responsibilities at a Christian church, serving as an art director for making posters, flyers, signs and so on for about 30 years.


I started All Home Page Co. Ltd. in 2007 and have run it,the website design company.

Around 2016, I began art activities as my another life's work.

So I learned leather craft under JLCA President, Mrs. Michiko Matsuda and I won third place in the small goods category of the 2017 World Open Call for Leather Craft Entries.


From November 2017, I have learned realistic drawings with pencil and colored pencil under artist Mr.Makoto Kajiwara and won the Excellence Award in the painting category at the ZEN Exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art,Saitama in the fall of 2018. 


Since then, while learning various painting materials and methods such as oil and watercolor, I have participated in group exhibitions and won awards and prizes in public exhibitions. 

2021, in August, I held my first solo exhibition in Roppongi, and although the coronavirus pandemic, many people came to see my works.


Since 2022, I have also been active in organizing local public exhibitions as a project leader of the "Minten Exhibition" by Nishitokyo Arts Council.

++++++++.   Awards and Activity.  ++++++++


・2017.10 The International Federation of Leather Guild's Advanced Division Category 'I' 3rd Place

・2018.4 第13回 アートカルチャー作品展(以降、毎年出展)/ The 13th Art Culture Exhibitions. (Participating the same exhibition every year)

・2018.7 Art Gallery Exhibition 2018(以降、同グループ展に毎年出展)(Participating the same exhibition every year)

・2018.8 第2回 ZEN展埼玉近代美術館公募 優秀賞 / Won the Excellent Award at the 2nd ZEN Exhibition. 

・2019.6 第17回 全国0・SM公募大賞展 奨励賞 / Won the Excellent Award at the 17th 0.SM Exhibition. 

・2019.10 鉛筆画展覧会monochrome & Stage(以降、同グループ展に毎年出展)/ The monochrome & Stage Pencil Drawing Exhibition. (Participating the same exhibition every year)

・2019.11 KSAC ART FESTA 2019(以降、KSAC関連グループ展に何度か出展) (Participating the same exhibition every year)

・2020.2 第29回 全日本アートサロン絵画大賞展入選 / Selected at The 29th Art Salon Paintings Grand Prize Exhibition in Japan(Participating the same exhibition next year)

・2020.11 第47回 近代日本美術協会展入選 / Selected at The 47th Modern Art Japan Association Exhibition

・2021.825~9.13 Fuji Manami First Exhibition ~Dawn of realism~(初個展)/ First solo exhibition

・2022.3.25 中目黒アート花見会Vol.7 Sakura展(以降、MDP関連グループ展に何度か出展)/ Nakameguro Art Sakura Exhibition at MDP Gallery (Participating the same exhibition every year)

・2022.7 第2回銀座中央ギャラリー公募展 一般投票最多賞受賞 / Won The most votes Award at The 2nd Ginza Chuo Gallery Open Call.

・2023.2 銀座中央ギャラリー サムホール展 / Selected at The Ginza Chuo Gallery Thumbhole size picture Open Call

その他、グループ展、公募展、選抜展、入選多数。/ A lots of group exhibitions,public competitions, selective exhibitions, others.

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