​Artist Call for Online Gallery Show

You can apply following shows now.

【Flower & Garden】7/15/2021 ~ 8/15/2021    Deadline June 30th  2021 

【Abstract / Experimental Art】9/15 ~10/15      Deadline August 31st. 2021

The best work will be applied for the International Art Competition on your behalf. It is a very high quality competition sponsored by International Artist Magazine, but if you win, you will be introduced their 4-page exclusive article. I've seen the name of the winning painter rise all at once for many years, so I recommend it.


Join us! We are calling artists for the online gallery show. 

The online gallery shows are organized by Artisans Kita-Kamakura and will be introduced in Japan and U.S. 


The artworks submitted meet the certain standards set by the gallery and expected to be sold will be published on the Internet for one year. Those release includes the following media.


● Artisans Kita-Kamakura homepage (required)

● Artisans Kita Kamakura original artworks shopping site (required)

● Artisans Kita-Kamakura and linked Fine Art America print shops (your choice)

● US Etsy original image sales site (your choice)

● Related Facebook, Instagram,  Pinterest ,  YouTube and other SNS and advertise (Required)



Basically, the paper media is not limited to but we may make popular works into booklets or post them on the calendar for the next fiscal year. (We will confirm you in advance.)


A separate application is required for the link to the artist list, so please contact us for details.


How to Apply

2 way to apply

1) Exclusive form application

● Please apply using the form below.


2) Application by mail / email

● Please print PDF application and mail or email with your photos images.

Artisans Kita Kamakura

184-3-C Yamanouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, 247-0062 Japan

Email: artkitakamakura@gmail.com



● Please do not send applications by fax.

● All the examination is done with images. Please do not send the original artworks.

● Works that have already been sold are not eligible.

● Since our website does not have age restrictions, we may refuse radical nude works, or horrifying works. Please understand in advance.


Application fee

1 work  : ¥ 2,000 +tax (¥2,200)

2 works :¥ 3,000 +tax (¥3,300)


● Payment can be made by the following methods.

1) Credit card / Paypal

2) Bank transfer (transfer fee will be borne by the applicant)

3) Cash registered mail


Image file

Only [.jpeg] file format

Up to 4000 pixels on long side.

Resolution is 300 PPI, within 2 MB (per sheet)


Please change the file name to :

firstname.last name.title.number.jpeg

In case of multiple applications, please be sure to attach the files separately.



(for example)

If your name is Steve Johnson


First artworks: Steve.Johnson.rose.01.jpeg

Second artworks: Steve.Johnson.splush.02.jpeg

Application Requirements

Theme and promotion period

Flower & Garden 

    7/15/2021 ~ 8/15/2021

    Deadline June30th  2021 

Fine art, contemporary art, modern art, etc.

◆ Abstract / Experimental Art

    9/15/2021 ~10/15 /2021         

    Deadline August 31st. 2021

Fine art, contemporary art, modern art, etc.


Online posting period

1 year from the deadline



Qualification requirements

● Anybody over 18 years old

● Up to 2 works can be submitted by one person



● All medium including oil, watercolor, nihonga, pastel, charcoal, color pencils, mixed media, sumie, paper cutting, and other abstract paintings (20% or less of all photographs and digital art)



● There is no limit to the size of the original image.

● Limited to original works created by the artist her/himself 100%.

​ Announcement and Note

Gallery Commission and More

● Non-sale items at the online gallery shows are not eligible. 

1.    If gallery sale your original artworks, gallery take 30% commission from total selling price and pay to the artist 70%. Sales tax and shipping cost will be paid by buyer and not include in commission.

2.    If gallery sale printed product, gallery and artists share 50% - 50% of the profit after subtracting the manufacturing cost from the selling price.

3.    Both #1 and #2, gallery pays transfer money and/or credit card processing fee between buyer and gallery. And artists pay transfer money processing fee from gallery to artists.

4.    Artists may sale their artworks by themselves, but artist must notify to gallery when they sale. 

If artist did not notify and gallery find the buyer, gallery have a right to ask commission.


Announcement of winning results

Only works that meet certain criteria and selected artworks by gallery will be posted on the website within 72 hours.





The artwork selected as the best work for each theme is given the right to be printed on the 2022 calendar, and who selected as the year-end Grand Prize (the most popular and best work in online and gallery exhibition),The artist will be entitled to one week solo exhibition at the gallery in 2022.


Sales price to domestic and foreign countries

Shipping charges both domestically and internationally depend on the size and weight of the package. Please consider the shipping cost in advance and include it in the selling price or present it separately as the amount billed to the purchaser. For sales to foreign countries, please check the customs declaration and consumption tax and process at the artist's actual cost. Please careful, if shipping cost is short, artist should pay for the difference.



Gallery does not provide any guarantee for accidents, damage, theft or other disasters during shipping. We ask artists to purchase insurance and cover their risk.

● In particular, overseas shipping companies handle it roughly, so it is recommended that you take all possible precautions, such as using a heavy duty painting case for packaging, assuming that they will be thrown.


Handling copyright and portrait rights

All copyrights are belong to the artists.

However, it does not apply to the use of Internet-related (including SNS) photos by the gallery and the use for images, printed materials, and advertising. Please understand in advance.

Apply Online Or Email Us


(1-a) Please fill in the online form directly below.

 ✔If you have any blank at * marks, your mail does not send.



(1-b) Download the attached application form and fill in the required items and send with photo.


Please apply by email to artkitakamakura@gmail.com


✔If you are using the application form, please apply from the following.


✔If you would like to apply by mail, please send the application form and photo of the work to the address below.

Artisans KitaKamakura

184-3-C Yamanouchi, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan 247-0062


(2) Pay application fee from original art for sale page "Online Gallery Show" and pick 1 or 2 works.

Please pay by credit card.

✔ Please do not send original artworks. We judge from the photograph only.

✔ If you can not access to the payment cart, please let us know your email address. We will send you invoice directly.

Application Form​

「Online Gallery Show」Entry Form

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​Depending on the date size, the transmission time is different.
If you do not automatically go to the shopping page after sending the data, please click here and choose 1 or 2 entry fee.