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Blessing rain - 桑山真弓

Blessing rain - 桑山真弓




Blessing rain -  Mixed Media by Mayumi Kuwayama

F20(72.77x62.6cm) canvas with acrylic paint, cotton thread, mixed media with veneer board, wire with hemp fiber relief work that coiled.
"Rain of blessing" that moisturizes the dry land and nurtures life
Rain becomes a sign by becoming a shadow in the space.



●作品名:Blessing rain




●絵サイズ: W61xH115xD18cm





Free shipping for nation Japan and all other country without frame. 

All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.


桑山真弓 , mayumi kuwayama , art , artist , comtemporary art , orgnic atmosphiere artist
, 現代アート , 雨 , 球 , 自然 , インテリア , interior

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