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龍と鳳凰 - 板野美紀

龍と鳳凰 - 板野美紀



Dragon and Phoenix - alcohol ink art by Miki Itano




This is a painting that I believe will bring peace to the world.
While the emperor of China loved the dragon and used it as a symbol of his power, the phoenix came to be loved by the empress.
In the yin-yang theory, the phoenix is yin. The dragon is considered to be the yang, and when these two come together, yin and yang are balanced, creating an ideal state. In other words, by pairing with a phoenix, the dragon's power will be even more evident. It makes you feel the strength of energy.




●作家名:板野美紀 プロフィールを見る


●絵サイズ : 21.0x 29.7 cm

●額外寸 :  23.0x32.2cm



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