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鎌倉文学館とバラ園 -   東山一勇気

鎌倉文学館とバラ園 - 東山一勇気


Kamakura Museum of Literature and Rose Garden - Paper-cutting and pasting by Kazuyuki Higashiyama



I made this artwork aout a Kamakura Museum of Literature in the background of the garden where roses are in full bloom.



●作家名:東山一勇気 作家の紹介を見る




●額込みサイズ:大衣 39.4x50.9㎝



Free shipping for nation Japan. No shipping to all other country.



鎌倉文学館, バラ園, きりえ, ペーパーカット, ミクスメディア, Kamakura Museum of Literature, Rose Garden, Paper-cutting, Paper Cut, Mixed Media

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