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蒼国の人 - 横山嶺

蒼国の人 - 横山嶺


Mongolian People - sumie by Lei Yokoyama






Mongolia in inner China, where the prairie spreads, seems to have stopped.

Camels have time to spare all day long.

Meanwhile, nomads carve the rhythm of shining life.






●絵サイズ : M100号(162x94cm)

●額外サイズ : 額なし



日本国内送料無料。諸外国への送料は額無しで¥20,000 別途お支払い頂きます。梱包はロール状の筒に入れてお送りします。


Free shipping for nation Japan. All other country will be charge¥20,000 separately without frame. We ralled up and send. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.



水墨画, 墨絵, 工筆, 駱駝, ラクダ, 遊牧, nomads, working woman, shine, shine woman, camels, alive, grassland, landscape

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