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浄智寺本堂 - 浜本三紀子

浄智寺本堂 - 浜本三紀子


Jochiji Temple Main Hall - Acrylic Painting by Mikiko Hamamoto



淨智寺の本堂です。その中の本尊は 阿弥陀如来 釈迦如来 弥勒如来の木造三世仏坐像でそれぞれ過去、現在、未来を象徴する。








3人の仏様を描いた上に 落ち葉を描きました。


This is the main hall of Jochiji Temple.  Amida Nyorai, Shaka Nyorai, and Miroku Nyorai, three wooden seated Buddha statues that symbolize the past, present, and future.

I wonder if the warmth invited the three Buddhas to come out into the garden?
Fallen leaves piled up on top of it, and might be Buddhas hided under the fallen leaves.
A dazzling light is coming out


Description of painting
I can't see the Buddha, but...
I drew fallen leaves on top of the three Buddhas.











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アクリルペイント, 浄智寺, acrylic painting, Jochiji Temple

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