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北鎌倉 秋の展示会のビデオが完成しました。

北鎌倉 秋の展示会 2019 Autumn Art Show 2019 in Kita‐Kamakura Japan

日本全国へ公募を行い、寄せられた41人の作家さんの中から15作品を撰び、紅葉シーズンの北鎌倉ギャラリーで展示会を行いました。ジャンルも違えは作風も異なる多種多様な絵画の世界を身近に感じて頂きたく、鑑賞者による人気投票も行いました。 世界中からの観光客も訪れる鎌倉で、外国人の方へも人気投票して頂き分かった事の一つに、鑑賞者の年代や取りまく色々な環境の違いで、一定の興味に傾く事、また色んな人が色んな思いで絵画を鑑賞していますので、どの絵が良い悪いと言う事では無く、誰がそれを必要としているか、何に共感しているかの違いに、其々の絵画の意味や必要性が在ると言う事です。その共感者の中から購入へと導くのは、倍率であったり経済的な事情、またそのタイミングだと思います。 今後共多くの方へ見て頂き、感じて頂ける、そんな身近なギャラリーにして行きたいと思います。 次回の公募展は、春らんまん展 2020 :3月26日~4月13日(公募〆切 3月14日)です。 是非多くの作家様のご参加お待ちしています。詳しくはホームページで。


A public invitation was made across Japan, and 15 artworks were selected from 41 artists. The exhibition was held at the Kita-Kamakura Gallery during the autumn season. We wanted you to feel close to the world of a wide variety of paintings with different genres and different styles. In Kamakura, where tourists from all over the world visiting, local peoples and foreigners have voted for is that they are inclined to a certain interest, depending on the age of the viewers and the various environments surrounding them. Also, each people appreciate paintings with various feelings, it is not said that which artwork is good or bad, but the meaning of each painting and the difference in who is sympathetic with who needs it. It means that there is a need. I think that it is the magnification, the financial margin, and the timing that lead to the purchase from the sympathizers. I would like to make it a familiar and comfortable gallery that many people can see and feel in the future. The next open call for exhibitions are Full of Spring Exhibition 2020: March 26th-April 13th (Open deadline for March 14th). We look forward to the participation of many artists. For details, see the homepage


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