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アラ・プリマで描く遠近感 Alla Prima Painting - Distance


アラ・プリマはWet on Wetとも呼ばれる方法で、乾かないから出来る表現法が面白く、主に印象派の画家達が、その日の光や空気感を表すためにスピードアップして描いたのが始まりだとも言われています。正確さには欠けるかも知れませんが、その時にしか見れない光や色をキャンバスに残す事が出来るので、屋外制作にも利用出来、個人的には時間を掛けて丁寧に重ねて描く絵よりも、躍動感や筆のスピード感が表現出来、自分の性格には合っているので、日々2~3時間の制作時間を利用して描いています。

この絵は、4部位に分けてアラ・プリマの技法を使って描き、組み合わせた物です。 皆さんも是非試してみて下さい。

Ala Prima means "one time" in Italian, meaning a technique to draw at once, and it is different technique what usual repeat paint and drying to make layer many times.

Ala Prima is also called "Wet on Wet" and the impressionist artists could be done in one session. It may not be accurate, but it can be used for outdoor painting because it can leave light and colors that can only be seen at that time on the canvas, and personally it is better than painting carefully overlaid. However, I can express a sense of dynamism and the speed of the brush works, and it suits my personality, so I use 2-3 hours of painting time every day to draw.

This painting is divided into 4 parts and drawn using the technique of Ala Prima and combined Please try it.

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