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source 玉響 c - ゲーリン尚子

source 玉響 c - ゲーリン尚子


Source Tamayura C - acrylic painting by Naoko Geirin



その「場」をsource(源) その生命や現象の目には見えない部分の原型をcore(核)と呼ぶ事にしました。 そのcore の再生と循環をテーマに表現活動をしています。


玉響 秋の精霊たちが、揺らぎ触れ合う様子を表現しました。


The place where we return. The vibrates, gathers, and melts together. The shadow of a clear that translucent circulation that trembles.   The information is exchanged purely without gaps, so there is no misunderstanding, no prejudice, no hatred. Only love is exist. Eventually, it will be exhale full of love so that it emits light from the inside, and a new cycle will begin.

I decided to call the place is the "source" and the prototype of the invisible part of life and phenomena for the "core".
I am doing expression activities with the theme of reproduction and circulation of the core.


Tamayura: The autumn spirits fluctuate and interact with each other.


●作品名:source 玉響 c




●絵サイズ:20 x 20cm




Free shipping for nation Japan , All other country charge ¥10,000separately. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid by buyer.


painting,abstract,color,autumn,warm,nature,spirit,Geirin Naoko

  • 取り扱い上の注意 Attention


    Since natural materials are used for the painting materials, it may discolor due to direct sunlight, or it may cause distortion or mold due to high temperature and humidity. Please be careful when storing.

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