Quiet waters. Part 2. Autumn by Leonid Polotsky

Quiet waters. Part 2. Autumn by Leonid Polotsky


Quiet waters は、アーティストのレオニード・ポロツキーによるオリジナルの油絵です。



Quiet waters is the original oil painting by the artist Leonid Polotsky.

This calm landscape is inspired by the beauty of autumn trees along the small quiet river.

This is the second painting in the series of landscapes.



●作品名:Quiet waters. Part 2. Autumn

●作家名:Leonid Polotsky


●絵サイズ:35 x 45 cm

●額外寸:無し・No Frame


ロシア国内送料¥5,000、日本を含む諸外国への送料は¥25,000 別途お支払い頂きます。


Shipping for nation Rossia is ¥5,000. All other country include Japan will be charge¥25,000 separatelly. All import fees, taxes and customs to be paid for by the buyer.


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