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Over the Horizon - 斎藤伊生史

Over the Horizon - 斎藤伊生史


Over the Horizon - Mixed Media by Iori Saito






In addition to the meaning horizon also means range, limit, and field of view.

At first, it was a work that I drew thinking of Fukushima after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The gentle horizon distorted its shape and swallowed everything, and some were forced to leave their homes to be ranged and drawn by the invisible. Even so, the seasons change and the cherry blossoms bloom in spring.

There are places in the world where conflicts occur within the range determined by human perspective. I wish beyond the horizon, hold hands, smile and welcome the new season.



●作品名:Over the Horizon



●画寸:F15 (65x53cm)




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art, artwork, acrylic, acrylic painting, abstract, abstract painting, mixed media, cintemporary, contemporary art, color, sakura, horizon

  • 取扱上注意について



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