Camouflage by Nisha Singhal

Camouflage by Nisha Singhal



影は澄んだ水のゆっくりとした流れに形成され、シカは大胆に水を飲んでいます。 彼らは人間の存在を感じました、彼らのうちの1頭は警戒しましたが、他は気にしませんでした(忙しかったからでしょうか)


On the way to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh,INDIA we spotted herd of deer in mountains,this is GOD /NATURE'S way to protect animals from their enemies,a perfect example of Camouflage. This is a great inspiration behind this painting.

Mountains are painted with impacto thick acrylic paints, while deer are painted with oil paints to give fine shading. Shadows are formed on slow moving stream of clear water , where deer are drinking water fearlessly. They felt the presence of humans , one of them got alert but the others didn't mind(busy in their activity).

Paints used in painting are of fine quality so they do not fade and are water resistant.







●絵サイズ:12" x 12"(30.5x30.5cm)

●額外寸: 無し



Free shipping for nation India, additional¥5,000 for out of country include Japan.


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