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眩しい光 - 中村栄

眩しい光 - 中村栄


Dazzling Light -  watercolor by Sakae Nakamura



It is located near Sayama Hills, Saitama Prefecture.

When I walk around the woods, countless small unknown white flowers fell under the fence made of wooden boards. The contrast between the dark green leaves and the white flowers illuminated by the dazzling summer light was so beautiful that I noticed that there is a beautiful sight in such a familiar place.






●絵サイズ : F6(31.8 x 41.0 cm)

●額外寸 :  43x54.5㎝




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狭山丘陵, 埼玉, 林の中, 身近な光景, 眩しい光, 白い花, 中村栄, 

Sayama Hills, Saitama, Forest, Familiar sight , Dazzling light, White flowers, Sakae Nakamura

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