Caribbean Reflections 清田晴美

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I was at Cancun, Mexico during the summer vacation. Cozumel island is a sparkling sea that every diver knows for famous scuba place. I enjoyed snorkeling after chasing the fish. I suppose to paint in oil but I don't know what happens when I use pastels here because I am not sure and I thought I can challenge!!

At first, I tried to draw a sketch with watercolor, but it wasn't very inspired me, so I went to a pharmacy and bought alcohol for disinfection. I tried using it for under painting, but the traces of the brushes remain, so I feel good. Then apply the second pastel again.


The pastel board used this time is a product with a lot of jaggedness, so there is no worry about the texture being crushed, and I rubbed with my fingers a lot. So, it was tingling, and I washed my hand, the rubbed finger peeled off, The red meat inside was visible. The blood was about to come out.Work resumed after 3 days of healing.

It depends on the location, but I think it ’s layer 4 times. I think it's hard to see on a mobile phone, but it was the most difficult to express the flow of water in the foreground. So I will make more moving water from the undercoat stage and that is my homework for next time.


I used solid watercolor, Unison's soft pastel, Conte's pastel pencil, Multimedia art board and Kennei's alcohol 50%, plastic eraser and fingers.


Happy Painting !!


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